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Novell GroupWise

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Business collaboration knows no bounds. Your people must be able to share ideas, critical business information and perspectives with virtually anyone—anytime, anywhere. And while there are more ways to collaborate than ever before, there are also more ways for unwelcome parties to interrupt the process.

Fortunately, there's Novell® GroupWise®. This premier multiplatform business collaboration solution helps your organization maintain secure, authenticated communications within your enterprise as well as with companies and individuals beyond your firewall. GroupWise works across traditional, Web-based and wireless clients, providing users with integrated e-mail, instant messaging and scheduling, as well as task, contact and document management. Equally important, its rich security capabilities and proven reliability provide peace of mind for your IT staff, making GroupWise the leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

A secure business collaboration solution that saves time and money

GroupWise delivers secure communication and collaboration. Such security is vital in a business collaboration solution, since malicious virus attacks, typically initiated through e-mail, can bring productivity to a grinding halt. GroupWise provides tight integration with leading anti-virus and anti-spam solutions. Working with partner products, it detects and eliminates viruses that might hamper productivity and impair business operations. In addition, GroupWise support major security standards and leverages multiple levels of spam control, increasing administrator confidence and reducing your overall business costs.

Reliable business collaboration that requires less administrative effort

GroupWise is based on a proven, highly reliable architecture that minimizes downtime. Without a reliable business collaboration system, your business faces serious risks of lost productivity, customer loyalty and business opportunity. There's also a very real potential for legal consequences posed by a loss of intellectual property or non-compliance with regulatory mandates.

That's why GroupWise is an essential part of your enterprise. In a reliability study of GroupWise customers, 52 percent said they haven't had to reboot their GroupWise system for more than six months, and 87 percent have experienced less than ten hours of unplanned downtime per year. Much of this reliability is attributable to superior technical engineering and extensive testing, which results in GroupWise requiring fewer patches than Exchange does. Linux clustering support also adds to the unprecedented reliability of GroupWise. Companies that require exceptional availability and reliability—organizations like government agencies and industry leaders in healthcare, airlines, financial services and banking—choose GroupWise as their collaboration solution.

The number one alternative to Microsoft Exchange

GroupWise users value their business collaboration solution for its integrity, reliability and scalability. Perhaps that's why it's the leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange users are well aware of the ongoing challenges involved with keeping their systems secure and available. Unfortunately, moving to the current version of Exchange also requires a costly, laborious and disruptive upgrade to Microsoft Active Directory.

Compared to Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise

  • Handles a load capacity up to 200 times greater, reducing your hardware-acquisition and management costs
  • Offers a licensing model that is more flexible—and more affordable (The GroupWise cost per user is one-third that of Exchange.)
  • Has 69 percent less downtime than Microsoft Exchange
  • Offers 72 times fewer vulnerabilities, as cited by

Novell GroupWise is a collaboration solution that includes the following features

  • E-mail with status and retraction
  • Rules-based messaging and handling
  • Notification of new mail, alarms
  • Instant messaging
  • Spellcheck
  • Task, contact and document management
  • Shared folders and address books
  • Multilevel spam filtering and junk-mail handling
  • Home View: Multi-function view, one view of full experience
  • New navigation bar* allows users to quickly switch between areas of GroupWise
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Calendar addition and removal
  • Simultaneous calendar view option
  • All-day and multi-day appointments
  • WebAccess, including wireless license and near feature parity with Windows Client
  • PDA cradle synchronization
  • Novell Evolution client support
  • Microsoft Outlook support (includes support for e-mail, tasks, notes, calendaring, busy search, shared folders, today view, ActiveSync, .pst files, offline mode, delegated support, signatures and personal and system address books)
  • Client- and server-side LDAP support
  • Remote synchronization, mailbox backup and mailbox archiving
  • Out-of-office notification
  • Version-level security
  • Multi-level spam filtering
  • Clustering support
  • Support for all major standards
  • Support for GroupWise on NetWare®, Windows and SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server

Novell GroupWise includes several benefits

  • Maintain high productivity by virtually eliminating e-mail downtime.
  • Save time for your administrators and end users, resulting in a great cost savings.
  • Reduce the manpower needed to administer GroupWise.
  • Enjoy the best security available.
  • Read easy-to-understand pricing and enjoy a low total cost of ownership.
  • Communicate securely and end to end among client machines and even individual software agents.
  • As a GroupWise administrator, easily manage more than 10,000 users. (In fact, several GroupWise administrators current manage more than 20,000 users each.)
  • Integrate technologies from third-party developers and the open source community to solve your business problems.
  • Mitigate business risks with GroupWise adherence to new regulatory requirements.
  • Handle a load capacity up to 200 times greater than that of Exchange, reducing your hardware-acquisition and management costs.
  • Use the new migration utility to easily switch from Microsoft Exchange, Outlook or a previous version of GroupWise and scale as your business grows.

The features available in GroupWise are sure to maximize productivity. As an administrator, you'll worry less about worms and viruses and focus more on the strategies that drive your business. Moreover, executives will be pleased—not to mention confident—that GroupWise offers the security and reliability they've been waiting for.

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